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The Story So Far


I was born in Birmingam at the Sorrento Hospital, June 21st 1961 and spent most of my life living in and around the Midland's area.  Two years ago I moved to Florida and have only now decided to research my family history.  Trying to do research from America, when all my roots are back in the UK is slow and time consuming, however, I have found a lot of useful information via the internet. I have also received a great deal of help from my own family, and other people who are researching their own family history.  Thank you to those people involved, and a special word of thanks to Alan Lowey for the invaluable help he has given me. In particular, for the photo's of the various address's in Hull, the maps and for the research that he has done on my behalf.

My dad, Hugh Fyfe's family were thought to be from around Hull in East Yorkshire, as indeed this is where my dad was born and grew up, however my research has now also taken us back to Lincolnshire.   With the surname Fyfe it is almost certain that my research will also eventually lead back to Scotland.  My Grandfather, William Fyfe was adopted at a very early age by a couple living in the Sculcoates area of Hull.  William never knew his real parents, and for the first 26 years of his life, believed his name to be William Beauchamp.  From the details on my Grandfather's marriage certificate it is now known that his real father's name was Alexander Fyfe.  STOP PRESS ... Thanks to Alan Lowey, I now have my grandad's birth certificate.

My mom grew up in and around the Birmingham area.  Her own mother Catherine Francis Smith, was from Walsall in Staffordshire and her parents were shopkeepers.  My mom's father, Albert George Robinson, we think was also born somewhere in the Midlands, however it is believed that his family originated from Devon. My mom's sister, Denise had already done quite a bit of research into her family history.  Sadly Denise passed away in December 2000, however I intend to add the research that she had already done to this site in the near future.


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