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Alexander Fyfe....  Married Janet Pattison, they had a son (my grandad) William Fyfe.

William Fyfe .... Born 15th August 1902.  Died 10th January 1969. William was the son of Alexander and Janet Fyfe and was born at 85 Thomas Street in the Drypool area of Hull.  William was raised by William Hansell Beauchamp and his wife Ellen in Sculcoates.  William Fyfe married Lillian Atkinson at Sculcoates Register Office on May 5th 1929 at age 26.  At this time he was a Sergeant in the East Yorkshire Regiment   No.4335408, and was living at 58 Williamson Street, Sculcoates.  Click here to see map of Williamson St.

 In 1931 William, Lillian and their daughter Sheila were living in army barracks at Beverly, and in Nov of that year their first son Hugh was born.  !n 1932 the family were posted to India where William was a Small Arms Instructor to the Indian Army. During the years that William and his family were in India, two more sons were born, first William Arthur and then Keith.

Around 1938/39 the family returned from India to Hull, where they lived first at 3, Fern Villas off Victor Street, and then shortly after at 33 Steynburg Street. By this time William was a Staff Sergeant, Hon. Departmental Indian Unattached List.   Click here for map of Steynburg St.



   Above are photo's of Steynburg St. 2002.  

DeLaPoleAve.JPG     Del La Pole Ave.  2002


53AbbeyStreet.JPG  53 Abby Street, (the house                           with the black door) 2002.

Sadly on the 9th October 1940, Lillian passed away at the age of 41.  For a short time the children were sent to to stay with Lillian's brother Arthur Atkinson, on his farm at Brandsburton.

William then married Olive Jackson, who was a widow at the time and had a daughter named Sylvia, (sadly Sylvia passed away September 2002).  By this time the Second World War had started and due to the bombing around Steynburg Street, William decided to move his family to somewhere safer.

From Steynburg Street, William moved his family to Del La Pole Avenue, which is close to where Hull City Football Ground's are now.  However due to the heavy bombing that Hull received during the war, William decided to once again move his family to safety.  Around 1943 the family moved to Filey, where they remained until the end of the war.  Whilst in Filey, William and Olive had a daughter, and they named her Janet.

In 1945, after the end of the war, William and his family moved back to Hull, and lived at 53 Abby Street.  At some time later William retired from the Army, having served some 20 years plus with the East Yorkshire Regiment.  He later went on to  become the Catering Manager at Butlins Holiday Camp in Pwllheli, Wales, and some time later the manager of the Trawler Owners Association at St. Andrews Docks in Hull. William and Olive spent the remainder of their years at 53 Abby Street. (Abby Street adjoins Williamson Street and can be see on the same map).

Sheila Fyfe   Born in Hull, daughter of William and Lillian Fyfe. Sheila married William (Bill) Patterson, who was from Manchester.  They later moved to Australia where they had a son Robert Patterson.  Sadly both Sheila and her husband have now passed away.

Hugh Fyfe (Sonny)  Born 27th Nov 1931 in Beverly.  Parents, William and Lillian Fyfe. Hugh attended Craven Primary School in Craven Street, and then went on to Trinity House Navigation School in Hull, (this school has their own web site, and I have added their link to my Links page) after that Hugh served in the Royal Navy as a Visual Signalman. He married Nora Janet Robinson (known as Sheila) in Birmingham.  They had four children, Julie Denise Fyfe, Linda Annette Fyfe, Joanne Elizabeth Fyfe and David William Hugh Fyfe.  Hugh is now retired and living with his second wife Cynthia in Torquay, Devon.

William Arthur (Bill) Fyfe  Born 20th July 1933 in India, son of William and Lillian Fyfe.  Bill married Patricia Ann Dobbs (born 15.9.1937) at St. Giles Church, Marfleet, Hull, on August 10th 1957.  They had three children, Annette,(Annette was born 9.7.61 and married Steven Wardle 17.7.87) Angela, (Angela was born 26.1.64  and married Paul Fletcher, they have two children Alex Joseph born 1991, and Miles William born 1996) and Suzanne ( Suzanne was born 24.10.67 and married John Brumhead in 1989, they have two children, Anna Samantha, born 17.2.89 and David Andrew born 21.12.90).  Bill and Pat still live in Hull.

Keith Fyfe  Born 23rd October 1938 in Allahabad, India, son of William and Lillian Fyfe.  Keith married Margorie at St, George's Church, Marfleet, Hull in 1959. They had three children, Derek (who's own children are Charlotte and Louise), Helen (who's own children are Keith and Jade) and Anna (who has a daughter named Polly).  Keith was an electrician by trade, he also served two years National Service in the Royal Navy.  Sadly Keith passed away in October 1983.

Janet Fyfe  Born in Filey, daughter of William and Olive Fyfe. Janet married Frank Battarbee and they had two children, Paula and Lisa.  Janet still lives in Hull.

Julie Denise Fyfe .... Born            Died.    Daughter of Hugh and Nora (Sheila) Fyfe

Linda Annette Fyfe  Born June 21st 1961 in Birmingham.  Daughter of Hugh and Nora (Sheila) Fyfe. Married Peter Anthony Brookes at Warwick Register Office Sept 27th 1980.   One son Anthony Simon Brookes, born Jan 31st 1981.  Linda moved to Florida, USA in October 2000.

Joanne Elizabeth Fyfe .... Born Sept 18th 1964 in Birmingham.  Daughter of Hugh and Nora (Sheila) Fyfe. Two children Claire and Victoria both born in Warwick.

David William Hugh Fyfe .... Born Jan 26th 1971 in Warwick.  Son of Hugh and Nora (Sheila) Fyfe. One daughter Charlotte.  Now living in Tavistock, Devon.


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