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William Hansell Beauchamp and his wife Ellen were not actually blood relations of mine. William and Ellen were the adopted parents of my Grandfather 'William Fyfe'.  William Fyfe was adopted at a very young age and never knew his real parents. For 26 years he believed that the Beauchamp's were his parents and that his name was in fact  William Beauchamp.  As they obviously played such a large part in my Grandfathers earlier life, I think it only fitting that they should be included, as part of my family history.

William Becham .... Born c.1550 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  He married Julianne Bevis on October 18th 1571.  They had a son, George Becham b.1578.

George Becham .... Born 21st April 1578 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  George married Elizabeth Whiteer on 27th June 1614.  They had a son, Henry Becham b.1614.

Henry Becham .... Born 10th March 1614 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  Henry's son was George Becham b.1655.

George Becham .... Born 29th March 1655 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  George's son was Saul Becham b.1682.

Saul Beacham .... Born 8th September 1682 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  Saul married Elizabeth Langtree (born 1702) in St Martins Parish Church, salisbury, on the 24th October 1726.  Saul ans Elizabeth had two children, Saul b.1726 and Elizabeth b.1739.

Saul Beacham .... Born 1st October 1726 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  Saul married Sarah Hulot on the 7th October 1750.  Saul and Sarah had eleven children, one of whom was James b.1758.

James Beacham .... Born 25th December 1758 in Whiteparish, Wiltshire.  James married Lucretia Rooke on the 28th February 1782 in Downton, Wiltshire.  James and Lucretia had three children, one of whom was Henry b. 1786.

Henry Beacham .... Born 5th November 1786 in Hale, Hampshire.  Henry married Elizabeth in 1808, and they had a son, henry b.1812.

Henry Beachamp .... Born c.1812 in Hale, Hampshire.  Henry married Sarah Cooper (born 1822), on 25th December 1841.  Henry and Sarah had two children, Harry b.1848 and Edward b.1850.

Harry Beauchamp .... Born c.1848 in Redlynch, Hampshire (due to the re-drawing of county lines, Redlynch is now in Wiltshire). Harry married Eliza, born c.1841 and in 1881 they are listed as living at 6 Isaacs Terrace, Holy Trinity, Hull.  Harry and Eliza had five children, William Hansell, Mary, Kate, Jessie and Esther.

William Hansell Beauchamp .... Born March 1871 in Marylebone, London, son of Harry and Eliza Beauchamp.  William in 1901 is listed as living at 2, James Street, Sculcoates, along with his wife Ellen born c.1874.  William's occupation is listed as 'Brass Finisher'.   It would appear that at this time there were no children living in the home, however at some later date William and Ellen adopted William Fyfe.  It is also thought that another child, younger than William called either Harry or Harold joined the family. It is not known at this time weather the second child was adopted or a natural son of William and Ellen. William Hansell Beachamp died some time prior to 1929.  James St. no longer exists but, it used to lead between Williamson St. and Strawberry St. click here to see map.

Mary A. Beauchamp .... Born c. 1875 in Hull, daughter of Harry and Eliza Beauchamp.

Kate Beauchamp .... Born c.1877 in Hull, daughter of Harry and Eliza Beauchamp.

Jessie M. Beauchamp .... Born c.1879 in Hull, daughter of Harry and Eliza Beauchamp.

Esther A. Beauchamp .... Born c.1880 in Hull, daughter of Harry and Eliza Beauchamp.

Harry Beauchamp .... Son of William and Ellen Beauchamp.  Harry worked for a company called Priestman Eng., as a welder.  Amongst the things made at Priestman, were large steam operated cranes, this company were based in Williamson Street, Sciulcoates, not far from where Harry lived.

If you are interested in the surname Beauchamp, or any of the above information, then click   HERE to visit the Beauchamp family web Site


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